For whom

Be Tax Bright supports individuals and entrepreneurs that are active in the Netherlands and/or abroad.


For individuals this concerns issues regarding:

  • Residence: tax deduction for monuments, emigration, immigration, mortgage interest abroad, etc .;
  • Work: cross-border, split payroll, secondment, 30% ruling, applicability social security legislation, etc .;
  • Other issues: (temporary) letting of the second home (B&B, Airbnb, etc), foreign holiday home, donations, inheritance, etc.


For entrepreneurs this concerns issues regarding:

  • contracts to be concluded (entrepreneur for tax purposes or not, Act ‘DBA’);
  • Dutch and / or foreign VAT;
  • working abroad (whether or not for foreign clients);
  • the presence of a fixed base abroad;
  • other issues: social security, company car or private car, etc.

What do we do for individuals and entrepreneurs?

Be Tax Bright provides advice with regard to tax, legal and social security issues and furthermore processes administrations and tax returns.

Among others things the services regard:

  • Advice and / or review of contracts / agreements with clients and / or other parties;
  • Advice regarding tax and social security aspects of cross-border activities;
  • Setting up the financial administration;
  • Processing the periodical administrations and VAT declarations;
  • Compiling annual accounts and preparing publication documents for the chamber of commerce;
  • Processing payroll for the director-major shareholder (‘directeur-grootaandeelhouder’);
  • Processing income tax returns, inheritance tax returns, gift tax returns, gambling tax returns, tourist tax returns;
  • Processing corporate income tax returns, dividend tax returns;
  • Advising expats with regard to tax possibilities;
  • Etc.